1. We picked up a photocopier the other day but it needs some work. Anyone good with fixing them or know anyone? Drop us an email: info@thephotocopyclub.com

  2. THe photocopy club curator, Matt Martin, Talking about stuff at the huck pop up shop last week. Thanks to everyone that came down to hang,buy,swap and be great. Cheers - TPC

  3. Pizza time

  4. We are open! Lots of great zines and prints for you to check out! Also got a drop off box for all you zine kids! DIY or die!!

  5. We are setting up shop this week at old street tube station as part of huck magazines pop pop pop gallery. Come see us on Thursday and Friday for our zine shop opening!!

  6. The Photocopy club will be setting up shop this week at Old street tube in London. We will have zines, prints, work from the archive and more. So come hang out and bring your own zines to swap and sell.



    An Old Street Station pop-up gallery in three parts, featuring Satta, Puck Collective and The Photocopy Club.

    Bringing three strands of Huck‘s interests to life – photography, craft, and illustration – Pop Pop Pop is a six-day celebration of DIY culture in the belly of one of London’s busiest Underground stations, Old Street, Shoreditch.

    Huck is inviting readers, visitors and commuters to watch artisanal skate company Satta, creative art collective Puck and DIY xeroxed photo experiment The Photocopy Club set up their interactive installations over day-and-a-half periods to lift the curtain on the pop-up gallery process, show the curator mindset at work, and engage in zine-swapping and deck-shaping shenanigans.

    As well as the exhibits and working artists, Huck is inviting the local creative community to come and be a part of Station Sessions – ten-minute quick-fire Q&As hosted at Pop Pop Pop and broadcast through the Huck website. Tackling contemporary questions like, ‘How can you make yourself heard in an age of digital noise?’ and giving advice to young upstarts looking to get into the game, Station Sessions will deliver quick, insightful lunchtime digests to your desktop.

    Pop Pop Pop will also host a launch party on Thursday May 22, 6-8pm, to celebrate our newest issue, Huck 44, featuring Tommy Guerrero on the cover, and enjoy the installations over some White Russians served by Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. RSVP on our eventbrite.

    Set-Up Schedule
    Pop along to any session and watch the gallery spring to life.

    Monday May 19, 12pm – 8pm: Satta
    Tuesday May 20 8am – 2pm: Satta
    Tuesday May 20 2pm – 8pm: Puck Collective
    Wednesday May 21 8am – 8pm: Puck Collective
    Thursday May 22 8am – 6pm: The Photocopy Club
    Thursday May 22 6pm – 8pm: Huck launch party
    Friday May 23 8am – 8pm: The Photocopy Club
    Saturday May 24 11am – 4pm: Finished Exhibit

    Station Sessions 
    Quick-fire conversations with Huck’s creative collaborators.

    Monday May 19: Satta 6pm
    Tuesday May 20: Puck Collective 6pm
    Thursday May 22: The Photocopy Club 1pm




  8. doomedgallery:


  9. Prints arrived on the next plane!

  10. We arrived in Berlin and the prints were not put on the plane.

  12. Airport

  13. 2am London

  14. The Photocopy club arrive in Berlin tomorrow morning. Keep up to date on our trip here and on our FB page. We can’t thank you enough for all the support and help to keep this project going. See ya in Berlin! - TPC



     Rumi Baumann

    Victoria Erdelevskaya

    Brian David Stevens

    Jan McCullough

    Ben Gore

    Poppy Cockburn

    Heather Gait-McLoughlin

    Cornelia van Helfteren

    David Spence

    Harriet Broom

    Oliver Baldwin


    Sam Hutchinson

    Joe Hunter


    Alice Konstam

     Anita Staff

     Mark Buchanan

     Kevin Novales

     De Kwok


     Miguel Constantino


     Luke Van Aurich

     Paul John Nelson

    Harry Mitchell

    Michael Parr

     Roisin White

    Matt Mac Pake

    Jesse Roberts

    Luke Winter

    Candice D Smith

    John - James Laidlow

    Lee Elackson

     Tyron Hug

     Elliot Phillips

    Daniel Keys

    Katherine Mitchell

     Natasha Whalley

     Stephanie Boreham

     Jessica MacDonald

    Josh Cockroft

    Marton Gosztonyi

    Marc Vallée

     Dylan Smyth

     Chloe Newman

     Tansy Hutcheson-Lovett

     NTH - Ogwmpas

     Michelle Marchall

     Steven Marshall

     Daniela Coelho

     Andrew Hall

     Markus Rico

     Ben Armson


    Von Verhille

     Nectarios Stamatopoulos

     Anne Erhard

    Liam Ashley Clark

     Ryan Hall

    Tom Kitching

     Thomas Whittle


    Gary Lapointe 

    Erik Tengstrand

    Guiseppe Santagata 

    Maria Ushan

    Joe Sampson-Hill

    Estelle Vincent

    Joanna Murray 

    Heather Tait

    Sophie Hustwick

    Tess Roby

    Leanne Findler

    Gavin Withey 

    Borja Gomel Llobregat

    David Newby


    Eva Bradshaw 

    Sam Bush 

    M King

    Cherie Cheng

    Leon Chew

    Fabio Roque

    Sam Cooper

    Joanna McNulty

    Gema Polanco

    Mark Massey

    Dean Stephen Davies

    John-Lloyd Quayle

    Philip J Brittan

    Hot Fudge

    Harry Conway 

    Ben Palmer

    Tom Palluch

    Pedro Pinto Basto

    Mina Reischer

    Sara Fernåndez Almendariz

    Leon Foggitt

    Marcel Naumann

    Berthuel Pierre

    Joanna Szproch

    Konstantin Radeu

    Patricia Bandeira

    Chris Helcoop

    George Newton

    Samantha Nowell

    George Anastasi

    Letitia Kamayi

    Darcy Reed 

    Neil Harman

    Kristin Krause

    Matilda skelton Mace

    Sergio Castaneira Revuelta

    Kyle Adams

    Tamar Pollerd

    Jennifer Endom

    s. Polyviou

    John Gribben

    Tracy Hickinbottom

    Jagoda Wisniewska

    Jasmin Krans

    Milan Koch

    Shannon Lowe

    Leigh Arthur

    Teresa Prosch

    Philippa Bloomfield

    Sadie Rees Hales

    Torsten Schumann

    Meret Sera

    Callum Painter

    Steven Chandler

    Elena Ayllon

    Liam Collins

    Stephanie Hardy

    Hannah Oladoja


    R H Allan

    Grigoris Papazafiriou

    Tommy Sussex

    Joe Williams

    Fernando Gimeno Pol

    Cherry Styles

    Andrew Youngson

    Frank Doussot

    Ravi Juneja

    Nia Samuel - Johnson

    lili k. feheri

    Brian Martin

    Hannah Platt

    Emily Smith

    Louise Beer

    Erin Marshall

    Sam Hiscox

    Jake Hurley

    Valerie Phillips

    Pete Voelker

    Thank you for all your support and for your work as with out this we would not be able to put on these amazing exhibitions and share great photography with people around the world.