Brighton Photo Fringe was founded in 2003 in partnership with Brighton Photo Biennial (BpB), which began the same year. The Fringe was devised for local artists to become involved with the international festival, BpB. The Fringe has since grown into an all-encompassing festival, attracting 144,000 visitors in 2010, and is again open to all in 2012.

    This goes along side the Brighton Photo Biennial which is the largest and most exciting curated photography festival in the UK and with 60,000 visitors in 2010, one of the best attended in the world.

    The fringe is going in an all new direction and they have asked us to have the main project space in the Brighton Phoenix for 6 whole weeks. All the details of the following exhibitions we will be doing in the space will be up asap, but I just wanted to let you all know about the plan for our 5th Photocopy club and this is it.

    OK.. so some big news here at the photocopy club. The next Photocopy club will be on the 6th of October opening the fringe and will run for a whole week in a new space in Brighton. Then We are lucky/the photocopy club are also putting on 4 more exhibitions over 5 weeks in the same space. This will be worked around some new project ideas we have in the pipe line (more info soon).

    Please spread the word and get those submissions in. This really is going to be one of our biggest shows yet.

    Thanks for your Time - DIY OR DIE

    Matt Martin, Curator - The photocopy club.


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